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Cream City Process was founded in 2009 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a city that has long been known as the "Cream City." While many people assume that the name comes from the State's long history in the dairy industry, it is in fact derived from the cream-colored bricks from which many of the City's buildings are constructed.


The most common building materials used in Milwaukee in the mid to late 19th century were these light yellow bricks made from a clay found around the immediate region including the banks of Lake Michigan. When visitors saw the city built of light colored bricks it soon gained the nickname

"Cream City".

So why "Cream City?"

Cream City Brick Workers, 1885. Image by Jeff Beutner.

Meet your Cream City Process team...

Sara Conrad started her path in the legal field in 1998 with an entry level position in one of the top law firms in Milwaukee. From there she attended Milwaukee Area Technical College to focus on paralegal studies while working as a legal secretary for the founding partner of a downtown Milwaukee law firm. In 2001 she joined a legal support services company and serving legal process been her professional passion ever since. 

Now the managing partner of Cream City Process, she brings a unique vantage point from being on both sides of the business. When you call or email our office Sara will assist you with every aspect of your case from start to finish.

Randy Conrad is the President of Cream City Process. He co-founded the company with Sara in 2009.


He has been process serving since 2001 when he would venture out on serving adventures over the weekends.


After a successful 31 year career in management, he made the decision to retire his office in exchange for the open road 

and the freedom of owning his own business with his family.





We're a proud family owned and operated business.

Shawn Conrad has been driving across the state serving documents since 2003. His professionalism and work ethic are beyond measure. He is as compassionate as he is professional. 

When Shawn isn't process serving he is an avid and accomplished photographer. All the photos you see on our website, business cards & marketing material were taken by Shawn during his trips around Wisconsin serving court documents. 

Toni Conrad assists with the administrative side of Cream City. Everything from filing to invoicing to scheduling, she's on it.  In addition, she often accompanies her husband Randy on process serving runs. 

She has 18 years of experience in the process serving and legal field.

Zoey Conrad is Cream City's office manager. She keeps a watchful eye over Sara's work making sure all the t's are crossed and i's are dotted. When she's not managing Sara, she takes her duties as co-pilot sniffing out defendants very seriously. 


Zoey has been in the legal support services field since she was rescued by Sara in 2012. 

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