What you see is what you get at Cream City!

The map shows our flat-rate pricing per county.


This price is for service to one subject at a single address.


Mileage, taxes, documentation...it's all included!


We attempt service at least 5 times until served, moved, withdrawn or we have determined an avoidance of service issue. We never charge per attempt.


DISCOUNT FOR ADDITIONAL SERVICE AT SAME ADDRESS: When service is needed for multiple subjects at the same address the charge is full price for the first subject and 

$35 for each additional regardless of county.




We charge a discounted rate of $40 for businesses served in the city of Madison, including but not limited to CT Corporation System, CSC Lawyers Incorporating Service Company & the State of Wisconsin.  


SKIP TRACE (LOCATE) SERVICE...............$30  

We have access to the most comprehensive databases available; from utility hook-ups to cell phone registries to fishing license applications. We will email you a report detailing all of the information available including but not limited to current and past addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, vehicles, property owned, etc. 




Here's what sets us apart...

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Download our price list here:

Additional Services Available...


We do not charge a fee to pick up cases to serve at law firms located in the city of MilwaukeePlease request pick up no later than 12pm on the day it is needed.

SURVEILLANCE/STAKEOUTS..$75/hour (minimum of 2 hours)

If needed in conjunction with a current process service we can conduct a "stakeout" in an attempt to serve a subject. 




  • For service that must be attempted within a 48 hour period, please add an additional $30 to the flat fee.

  • For service that must be attempted within a 24 hour period, please double the flat fee.

  • All other service (routine service) will be in the field and attempted within 72 hours of receipt.